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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Over the centuries the healing properties of plants and herbs has not changed. What was a healing plant or herb five thousand years ago is still a healing plant or herb. Because great confidence was placed in them, Witches and physicians of the ancient world were expected to know their herbs. Plants gave healing powers to those who studied them, worked with them, and respected them. In many lands and in many times, healers spent a good part of their lives in the field and forest gathering green medicines. They remembered and discribed what they learned passing it on.
Today we have the opportunity to benefit from the accumulated herbal wisdom of the ages. This advantage allows us to peer back through history, harvesting for our own benefit only those herbs that have stood the test of time. But even the herbal uses that didn't pan out are fascinating. While the story of healing herbs has it's comic episodes, it is also a dramatic story of human sacrifice, complete with medical hero's, men and women whose work deserves to be recognized. Much of this credit in my opinion should go the the Witches of the past because they are the ones who essentially began the work of learning and understanding herbs and their benefits.

Agrimony: placed under the pillow aids in sleep. It is also powerful in cleansing negative energies and emotions.

Allspice: is often used in good luck charms, and charms to increase vitality, stamina and health.

Aloe: is considered a plant used for spells for healing and beauty. In the Southeastern United States the plant is kept inside the home to guard against negativity and danger.

Amaranth: protects the wearer against illness and gunshot, a sacred plant.

Angelica: Used to break hexes, used in exorcism, banishing and protection.

Anise: used to restore lost youth and beauty, also used in charms to avert hexes and aids in psychic and clairvoyant spells and charms.

Apple: promotes peace and harmony, a common element in love spells especially where marriage is the desired outcome.

Apricot: is commonly used in love spells where the intended is fed the ingredients.

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