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Friday, August 26, 2011


AIR: This element is all aound us. It is what we breathe and live in, it fills all the holes and spaces it can. Without it we could not live in our form. It blows in the wind and brings great inspiration and change. The birds soar through the air, bringing their beautyand songs. The trees sing as well when the wind rustles through their leaves.

The air teaches us many lessons. The most important lesson it teaches us even though we cannot see something, that doesn't mean that it is not there. It exists and we can feel it as it moves around us or we move witin it. Yet it cannot be seen. It is a great lesson teaching us to have faith in the unseen.

FIRE: the eat of the sun, the molten, core of the earth and the burning desire; these all are part of the element fire. Fire warms us, cooks our food, and can burn us the fires of passion stir us into action and reaction. Fire fuels our love and desire and flares with our anger. Within us the fires burn, as they can burn without. When used with care, fire is our friend; when missed used it can be our bitter enemy.

We can work with the element fire in many ways. We can flame our passions within or cook over an open fire. We can use fire in ritual and meditation. As with all the other elements. It is always with us and stronger in some of us than with others.

WATER: The element water, swirling in the tides, dripping in the rains,and flowing in our veins, is with us always. Our bodies are made up mostly of water., so it is prevelant in each of us, though it may not be the element we work strongly with. Water brings  inspiration, wisdom, peace, tranquility, cleansing and many other qualities. It fills the rivers and streams and brings life to all things on the planet.

There are many ways to work with the element of water. You can splash in the waters of a strem or ocean, drink a glass of water, go swimming in a pool or use water in meditation. Listening to the rain, to the flowing waves of the ocean, or the rush of a rivercan itself change our consciousness and relax us.

EARTH: This element exits all around us. It is the solid element which makes up the firmament below us. In the human body it can be seen as the bones.

Though solid in form the earth can also be pliant. The soil gives way to the seed from which plants grow with the aid of the sun and rain. The earth, nourishing.

By connecting with the element of earth we learn of its strengths and iportance in our lives. It is a source of nutrients in our food as well as the materials we use to build and create things. It is our home upon which we and all life thrives. Earth is part of nature that has alot to teach us.

SPIRIT: Called by many names, the Goddess etc. Spirit flows through all living things. It is what makes a bird a bird, a tree a tree, an animal an animal, and a person a person. It grants us our consciousness and is the part of us that will go on long after our body has passed from one plane of existance and turn to dust. It is through our own shining spirits that we are able to work with the goddess's inspiration, and speak to the spirits of our dear departed ancestors. It is part of us that makes us complete and brings us wisdom.

This eleusive element cannot be seen through normal sight, nor can it be felt, except internally. It is a special part of us that allows us not only to want to percieve the Goddess, but also gives us ability to grow as spirtual beings. Spirit is the tie that binds the elements together to create life. All the elements are important but without this most important element our interactions with others would not only be limited; they would be most likely non-existant.

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