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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The Goddess is part of a whole energy force, these deities are part of a great body, working different branches in different ways, but to obtain one goal."

AMATERASU: Beauty (Japan)

APHRODITE: Love (Mediterranean)

ARTEMIS: Selfhood (Mediterranean)

BABA YAGA: Wild Woman (Slavic)

BAST: Play (Egypt)

BLODEUWEDD: Betrayal (Wales)

BRIGID: Inspiration (Celtic Triple Goddess)

CERRIDWEN: Death and Rebirth (Wales)

CHANGING WOMAN: Cycles (Navajo Apache)

COATLICUE: Grief (Aztez)

CORN WOMAN: Nourishment (Southwestern Indigenous)

DEMETER: Feelings/Emotions ( (Mediterranean)

DURGA: Boundaries (India)

EOSTRE: Growth (Northern Europe)

THE ERINYES: Crisis (Mediterranean)

EURYNOME: Ecstasy (Mediterranean)

FREYA: Sexuality (Northern Europe)

GYHLDEPTIS: Synthesis (Tlingit and Haida)

HATHOR: Pleasure (Egypt)

HECATE: Crossroads (Mediterranean)

HESTIA: Hearth/Home (Mediterranean)

INANNA: Embracing The Shadow (Sumer)

ISIS: Mothering (Egypt)

IX CHEL: Creativity (Mayan)

KALI: Fear (India)

KUAN YIN: Compassion (China)

LADY OF THE BEASTS: Relationships (Sumer, Crete & India)

LAKSHMI: Abundance (India)

LILITH: Power (Southwest Asia)

MAAT: Justice (Egypt)

MAEVE: Responsibility (Ireland)

MAYA: Illusion (India)

MINERVA: Beliefs (Roman & Etruscan)

NU KUA: Order (China)

NUT: Mystery (Egypt)

SEKHMET: Anger & Rage (Egypt)


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