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Thursday, August 25, 2011



We are one with everything around us and everything is part of us. This is because the Divine creative force (Goddess) created us all from the same stuff. This bond of creations is what links us together. We all have the divine spark, as do all living things, and the earth itself. We all create in our own ways. Some create words and music, some great works of art. Even the earth moves, shifts and creates every single day. Everything on earth is made up of the same atoms in different combinations. We are all made of the same stuff as the earth, the plants, the animals, the planets and the stars, but we are just put together using different combinations.

In order to find our way to enlightment and spiritual fulfillment we seek, we need to live our path everyday. we need to take time to celbrate, to interact with nature and follow it's cycles, and we need to learn to quiet ourselves and listen to the lessons revealed to us by he Goddess on a daily basis. We must take note of the lessons we are taught so that they will build upon each other and teach us the meaning of life that we seek.
If we look around, if we listen, if we truly seek then all the answers are there for us, and we can find true happiness, spiritual fulfillment and enlightment.

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